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The Blockchain and ICO market is hot and more and more companies are shooting from the ground. You need the right tactics to stand out from the crowd to make people aware of your great service. We help you to communicate the value of your business to potential investors and gain the trust of the Blockchain community. Every blockchain project is different; we take a deep look at your startup to understand your specific needs and help you accelerate market awareness and growth with a method that fits best to your needs.

Community Building & Management

The size of your community is one of the essential evaluation factors for investors. We help you to grow your audience and to maintain your community.

Landing Page Creation

A conversion-driven and user-friendly landing page is a key success factor for every blockchain startup. 


Search engine optimization can be extemely valuable for long term growth.

We identify the right keywords for your blockchain project and help you to boost your organic visibility on different search engines.

CMO Recruiting

Is it time for recruiting a CMO and building up an inhouse Marketing team? It's important to chose the right candidates straight from the beginning. We support you with the recruiting process.


You reached the stage, where you want to build up your inhouse marketing skills? We share our know-how with your marketing team to make you ready for the next steps.

Marketing Strategy

Don't do just anything. A marketing plan right from the beginning gives you a competitive advantage. We create your roadmap to growth and marketing success.  

White paper

A white paper that shows the value of your project to investors is a key success factor, especially if you plan an ICO. We are experts in packaging and simplifying complex tech documents. We help you to create a high-quality white paper.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is not outdated. It's still one of the most powerful tools to keep in touch with your community. We plan, set up and automate your email campaigns.


We help you to get in touch with your audience on the right channels.

ICO Campaign Consulting

You decided to raise fundings with an ICO. We help you to plan an ICO campaign that leads to success.

Content Creation

Good content gives your blockchain project visibility and helps you to grown your community. We help you to create shareable content. Blog posts, infographics, explainer videos, press releases - we create them all for you.  

Influencer Marketing

We help you to identify the right influencers and to make them write about you. Gain more trust and build your community with influencer marketing.

Marketing Materials

You plan to participate in a crypto or blockchain conference? Great! We create all the marketing materials for you to help you to make a great impression.

MarTech Evalutation / Implementation

We evaluate different Marketing tools for you to find the perfect match for your needs. We also help you to implement those solutions & train your team.



The force is with you - at least when you are a Tech startup. We are BoostMyCrypto - an agile and remote Marketing agency focused on the needs of Blockchain related companies. We understand Geek and speak Marketing. Your growth is our biggest passion! Let us conquer the world together. We are waiting for your sign! We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we do our client's needs. We are there for you at every stage of your exciting journey as the creative interface between you and your client. We help you to translate your great technology into your client's language. Say Hi to a passionate remote Marketing team based in the UK, US, and Switzerland. Besides being passionate Marketers, we have another thing in common; we all strongly believe in the Blockchain technology, and our mission is to help businesses like yours to grow. We do what we love, and your success is our highest priority.



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